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Leaders Program

All professionals who work with animals — whether it is horses, dogs or zoo animals — must be proficient in their basic maintenance. It's not enough just to want to train dogs, to discover with them all with wonderful things they are capable of, how they can enhance and support our lives. Understanding their proper care and upkeep is an essential discpline that graduates will carry with them throughout their careers.


An important part of all our certification courses is our Leaders Program.  Each week, two students are chosen to be the leaders and they delegate cleanup assignments to their classmates.  This keeps the areas in which they work neat, organized, and clean.  This program is highly valuable because it teaches our students how to work in a team, take directions from others, and how to delegate responsibility.  We want our students to realize that cleanliness and organization is an essential aspect of good business.


Participation in the Leaders Program is voluntary.  However, if a student does not participate, an additional weekly fee is accessed.  This fee is added to the cost of the course as listed on this site. 



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