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Ultimate Trainer program 


TUITION: $17,950 with participation Management Program Discount.  Taking both courses separately (The Professional and Masters Programs) with participation in the management program costs $20,465.  Therefore the Ultimate program saves you $2515.00



The Tom Rose School L.L.C. Ultimate Dog Trainer Program bundles our Professional and Master Programs together with discounted tuition offering you an uninterrupted curriculum without additional entrance or prerequisite requirements. Contact hours remain the same as the individual Professional and Master dog trainer programs.

Subjects included are:


— Obedience (traditional and motivational)

— Puppy Imprinting

— Agility

— Tracking

— Specific Odor Detection

— Teaching Group and Private Obedience Classes

— Public Relations, Sales, and Management

— Police K-9, Schutzhund, Civil Protection, and Security

—Advanced Obedience (Sch and AKC)

—Advanced Tracking, Search and Rescue

—Advanced Specific Odor Detection

—Advanced Police K-9/Protection

—Advanced Group and Private Lessons, and more.

Length: 23 weeks

*with participation in the Management Program


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