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Tom Rose

Founder and Owner

A professional dog trainer since 1968, Tom Rose is one of the top trainers in America, personally training and supervising the training of well over 300 dogs per year. He is the author of three books, Training the Competitive Working Dog, Dogs That Love and Protect, and his most recent,  Dog Training With the Touch.


Tom has a number of firsts under his belt. He is the first American Trainer to earn an advanced tracking degree with a perfect score of 100 points, topping his previous record of 97 points. He was the first to coin the certification "Professional Dog Trainer.” he also coined the phrase "Imprinting" in reference to dog training.  And he was the first to import and promote the Belgian Malinois breed into the United States as a police K-9.


Tom also has an extensive and impressive record of winning  competitions. He had the highest-scoring “trained by exhibitor” dog in Schutzhund III in the National Championships in 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984. He won the National Championship in Shutzhund I in 2003 and Shutzhund II in 2004 and had the highest-scoring dog in the Championship. He holds the highest score (298 points out of a possible 300) ever earned by an American trainer in the history of the Schutzhund sport. Tom is also the winner of the 1981 United States DVG Schutzhund III Championship.


Tom was honored to represent The German Shepherd Dog Club of America at the World Union Championship in Salzburg, Austria 1982. He has earned the VDH Gold Trainers medal for his outstanding achievements in dog training and exhibition.