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Service Dog Trainer Program

Length: 8 weeks

This program begins the Tuesday after the conclusion of each Professional program. 

Length: 8 weeks

Cost of Attendance: $6,990*


This program is selective and acceptance depends on performance and attitude in the Professional Dog Trainer Program and graduation form the Professional Dog Trainer Program.  


This program includes:


Thanks to the American with Disabilities Act, service dogs have gained acceptance by the public over the past few years as a necessity rather than a luxury. The demand for educated, qualified trainers continually increases at an exponential rate. As a graduate of the TRS Service Program you will be qualified to provide this service, delivering dogs that provide increased independence and mobility to sight-challenged individuals. There are few more rewarding occupations.

This course is by invitation only. We train and certify you as a Service Dog Trainer. The curriculum is intensive and in depth, and builds on what you learned in the Professional Dog Trainer Program. You will train a dog from start to finish and deliver it to a new owner. 

Please note that traditionally organizations that train and sell service dogs obtain trainers from their own ranks.   Therefore employment opportunities are somewhat limited.   In fact most graduates enter the profession as business owners.


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