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Graduates Store

by Tom Rose and Annetta L. Cheek

Dogtra Remote Training Collar

Our new book greatly expands on the subjects covered in the "Training the Competitive working Dog" book. It covers the training techniques Tom has developed over the last 25 years of working with his students at the Tom Rose School. In addition to being an essential book for anyone working in Schutzhund (now called Versatility Dog), the discussion of puppy printing can help you improve your training for any performance area. The chapters on tracking and obedience will be very useful to anyone training in those areas of dog sports.


Dog Training with the Touch

Designed specifically for hunting and obedience dog training.  Ideal choice for any medium or large breed dog.  Features nick and constant stimulation, water proof receiver/water resistant transmitter and half mile range.  Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries included.


With many remote training collars available, this is the make and model recommended by Tom Rose.   

Protection Sleeves Cuff and Sleeve Combo

Protection sleeves a various sizes and types available - call for specific pricing.


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