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Increase your dog's confidence with protection training.  Our protection specialists Ben Savu and Ryan McGrath will teach you step by step how to develop elite skills for your K9 companion. Find Out More!> 



The mission of the Protection Sports Association (PSA) is to provide an outlet for civilian competition in canine obedience and controlled protection, and to recognize achievement with titles and prizes, and promote competition with club trials and championship tournaments. PSA will endeavor to set a new standard for training excellence in the protection sports, and PSA shall encourage cross-over from other protection sports, to provide a competitive venue that will test the best against the best, and encourage excellence, sportsmanship, and integrity throughout the dog-training community.


PSA is a scenario-based sport that is best described as the MMA of dog-protection sports. Multiple, fully suited decoys on the trial field use any environmental distraction the judge deems appropriate to distract the competing team from their tasks at hand.  Yelling, gun shots, and other clatter are typical of a PSA trial.



No longer called Schutzhund (SchH), IPO protection is a structured routine where the dog is taught to search for the helper via handler direction. Other exercises include:


— Guarding
— Re-attacks

— Transports

— Courage test

— Escape bites.




A personal-protection dog is a combination of pet and protector.  The dog will serve as a deterrent first, but will engage an attacker or intruder immediately if necessary. Personal-protection dogs defend home, car, property and loved ones.

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