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Dave van Garderen

Training Director

At the young age of 16, Dave began working with canines at the Quinciera Kennels in Paradise Valley, Montana. He quickly realized his passion for training and enrolled at the Tom Rose School. Dave excelled at TRS and graduated with honors in Tracking. After receiving his certification, he decided that his training education was not over and traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to focus on training aggressive dogs, graduating from J.E Dog Training Center with honors in canine aggression.


Before being invited to a position at TRS, Dave worked at Kennelwood Pet Resorts in St. Louis. Over the years he has trained thousands of pets, and spends his spare time training for and showing in AKC Obedience as well as PSA (Protection Sport Association)  and Schutzhund, and has been awarded multiple High in Trial awards in both AKC and Schutzhund.


To date, Dave’s proudest accomplishment is qualifying and competing in the 2011 World Schutzhund Competition in Germany.  He was awarded the 2011 PSA highest Score of the year in level one.  He also won first place at the SchutzhundVPG III Nationals in 2010, placed second for the VPG II Nationals in 2009 and first place for the VPG I Nationals in 2008.


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