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Associate Dog Trainer Program

Length: 16 weeks (4 weeks additional for qualified students)
This program begins the 2nd Wednesdays of January and July each year

Cost of Attendance: $11,995*

The Associate Dog Trainers Program prepares students for future employment as dog trainers or for starting their own training business. Experience gained in over forty years of preparing students to enter the profession of dog training has shown that some students aren’t going to achieve the Professional Trainer Certificate, yet they gain enough knowledge and experience to enter the work force and compete in dog shows. For those students, we offer this Certificate.

This program is a mirror image of the Professional Dog Trainers Program with less demanding requirements. Both the Professional Dog Trainer students and the Associate Dog Trainer Students begin their programs at the same time, and may participate in all classes.

We award the Associate Dog Trainer Certificate to those students who complete all graduation requirements. The program is 16 weeks long, however some students need more time. Contingent upon approval by TRS faculty, students may continue an additional 4 weeks in order to complete all requirements for no additional tuition. All requirements must be completed by dogs acquired after starting the program.




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