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Rose Scholar Program


Length: 50 weeks


Cost of Attendance: $6,990*


The TRS Staff invites a few distinguished Master Dog Trainer students to attend The Rose Scholar Program.  TRS faculty formulate their invitation into the program on a Master student's ability as a teacher, dog trainer, sales ability, and leadership potential. The program places a strong emphasis on practice teaching, K-9 behavioral subjects and development and evaluation of training programs and methods. We require the Rose Scholar Dog Trainer Program Student to participate in outside dog exhibition, or "showing." This includes, but not limited to, Schutzhund trials, police trials, AKC trials, narcotics-detection competitions, agility, tracking, etc. 


This course includes:

— Advanced Obedience Competition

— Advanced Group and Private Class instruction

— Advanced Tracking, Advance Specific Odor Detection

— Advanced Police K-9, Protection & Security 

This program is highly selective and acceptance depends on performance and attitude in the Master Dog Trainer Program and recommendation from TRS Staff.



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